Permanent Family Connections (Foster Care)


Permanent Family Connections
Open Your Home, Open Your Heart

All of our Foster Care services (Foster Care, Fost-Adopt, Kinship/NREFM care, and Intensive Services Foster Care) are focused towards permanency for youth – “a permanent connection to a safe, stable, and nurturing family.” The program utilizes concurrent planning, which provides several paths for youth to obtain a lifelong family connection. The first and best option is to reunify the youth with their birth family. At the same time, Stanford Youth Solutions works to identify a family who is willing to make a lifelong commitment to the youth, if reunification is not possible.

Becoming a Resource (Foster) Parent

When you decide to become a resource (foster) parent, the most important decision you will make is with which agency to partner.

Stanford Youth Solutions gives resource families the complete support they need to successfully care for youth who desperately need safe, loving families to call their own in the greater Sacramento-area.

“I looked at six other agencies first, but Stanford Youth Solutions offers unwavering support around the clock.”
– Stanford Youth Solutions foster parent/resource family

We are able to support families in a variety of counties and have offices in Sacramento, Placer, and Yolo county. 

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We seek to recruit and retain the most qualified, competent, and compassionate families to provide nurturing and stable homes for foster youth.

Last year, we certified 15 new foster parents/resource families and retained 90% of prior foster parents/resource families.