Jennifer Shebesta
Chief Program Officer

Leader Profile

A licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a master’s degree in clinical psychology from San Jose State University, Jennifer has worked with Stanford Youth Solutions + Sierra Forever Families since 2003. Prior to assuming her role as Chief Program Officer, she served as a Program Director, a Clinical Program Manager, and a Residential Therapist for Stanford Youth Solutions, working in the residential program, FOCUS and the Counseling Center. Her background includes extensive training and experience in the mental health field, where she has specialized in areas like cognitive-behavioral treatment, domestic violence training, child abuse treatment, gang awareness and suicide prevention.

Jennifer sees first-hand the benefits of providing a family-centered practice for youth and families who become involved with the CPS system. Jennifer believes children and youth should grow up in families; not in homeless shelters, group homes, or hospitals. Furthermore, she believes it is critically important that young people and their families are supported using trauma-informed practices based on evidence-supported research. As a parent, she is grateful for her network of extended family who create the village in which her children are being raised. Her sons are active in sports and their family volunteers with a local pet rescue association.