Ebony Chambers
Director of Family and Youth Partnership

Leader Profile

Working at Stanford since 2004, Ebony leads all Family and Youth Partnership initiatives in addition to facilitating Cultural Competency training, Family Centered Practices and Intensive Relative Searches for families.  Ebony brings both professional and personal life experiences to her work as a mother who has worked through crisis with her own child that received mental health services. Prior to her role of Director of Family and Youth Partnership, Ebony served as Family Partner Manager, Family Partner, and Family Specialist in Stanfords’ Wraparound Program.  

Ever active in our community, Ebony is an instructor for UC Davis, Center for Family Focused Practice and serves on the UC Davis Parent Advisory Council, the Mental Health Service Act Steering Committee (MHSA), and other community initiatives.

“Above all else, I am passionate about ensuring family voice is integrated throughout services and families are equipped and empowered to be successful.”